Vertical Inc is a hard to explain game. It uses many different genres such as horror, scifi, comedy, action, drama and others. It was inspired by the underrated game We Happy Few, the well known Bioshock (1 - infinite), the series that died known as Fallout and other games. Vertical Inc holds a very special place in the dev's heart as it was got him here today. It has a lot of history behind it and will be explained in this page.

Beginning of Vertical Inc

When Vertical Inc was created in 12/27/18, it was just as a fun little myth that wasn't really great. But then the universe was expanding and more ideas were popping up. It then came to the dev that this game could be a great project to work on. As time flew by, EggBoi began to grow attached to the characters and places and so on. This game then became a part of his life. He thought the concept was genius, mostly original and a bit weird but it did fit well. Ever since then, he has been expanding the universe and lore even more and is still doing so today.

A Mix of Two Generations

Vertical Inc is a very strange game, not only because of the creatures and physics but the mix of generations. The game has the mix of a futuristic utopia with the classic 60's - 80's vibe. For the futuristic side, there is the advanced buildings, transport robots, technologies and any high tech builds. For the olden days vibe, there is the band Joy Bound, some of the houses, some of the vehicles and the lovely Garden City. It was strange at first but then things began to pop together just like how We Happy Few and Bioshock used those things (mainly We Happy Few).

The Character Inspiration

Some of the characters have a lot of inspiration behind them. Some of the well known characters being Mr Vertical, The Vertical Union, Wilbur Edison and ect.

Mr Vertical was inspired by the famous Uncle Jack of We Happy Few.

The Vertical Union is a strange one so it will be explained in different sentences below.

The Titan was inspired by Mr X / The Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 and the Hitman was inspired by a character known as Ozark from a dev called Draggyy.

Other members are original.

Wilbur Edison was inspired by Nick Lightbearer from We Happy Few.

and so on and so on..

For the Future

For, EggBoi Plans to expand the universe with games the involve with Vertical Inc. He also plans on making the band music and other music used for scenarios. Maybe even a comic book series. This game will not be finished anytime soon hopefully and will become a great project that will always be cherished by the dev.

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