From the normal everyday citizens to strange and bizarre creatures, the character trackers contains every character in the world of Vertical Inc.


Humans are the daily residents of Earth. From Labs to Ally ways, they are everywhere. They are always seen doing stuff and have made it a long way into the future. There are specific humans that really play a role though. This is where the humans lie.


Created by humans, robots are usually what remains as a friend of humans. Some robots aren't just robots. They can be humans who had their minds transferred into the metal and plastic bodies they inhabit. The robots seen in this game lie here.


Prodigies. Creatures created by the bodies of humans. A sickness had been created which had the power to assimilate a human and turn them into the creatures known as prodigies. There are many kinds and they all lie here.


There are some unexplained beings that just make no since. And for that, they all lie here.
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