Douglby, or the Titan, is one of the members of a group known as the Vertical Union who protect the cities of the UK. Douglby seems to be very large reaching up to a 8'8 and can sure give you a whooping wham for your crimes.


Douglby wears a big, black trench coat that has a couple of buttons and an armored top. Underneath, he wears a white, buttoned up shirt. He then wears white gloves. On his legs, he has grey pants and black boots. Last but not least, Douglby wears his iconic fedora.


He usually is nice if you don't go into any places you shouldn't be in so he reaches in the neutral catagory. If you anger him, he will become a very big threat, being able to kill you with one strike of his fists.

In-Game Role

Douglby will be an obstacle in Vertical News along with the rest of his team. Nothing else has been confirmed yet.

Did You Know?

  • Douglby was inspired by two characters. One of them is Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. Another is a character called Starx from Radville.
  • Douglby can lift objects that are bigger than himself. The biggest object citizens have seen him lift was a single piece of a monorail train.
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