Martin, or the Watchman, is an intelligent and strong member of the Vertical Union who always keep track of their targets when they are harming people.


Martin appears to have a trench coat that appears to have a flap, slight armor top and a cape. He also wears grey pants, a tie, an scarf and a top hat. He then wields a huge double bladed sword, making him and the Hitman even.


Martin is a neutral character that wonders around, seeking for trouble and harmful events. If you are caught trespassing by him, make sure that you run for a long distance. He doesn't lose track of you for a while.

In-Game Role

Serves for Vertical Inc. and protects all the citizens from any harm. Nothing else is known about his role.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Martin's strengths conclude the following:

  • IQ
  • Speed
  • Target Lock
  • Immunity

Martin's Weaknesses conclude the following:

  • Damage

Extra Notes

Martin is a calm protector and makes sure that citizens have a good day while they are up and about. Martin is also the brother of Yewin.

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