Mr. Vertical is the current owner of Vertical Inc. He watches over the city, trying his best job to keep everything in shape. He is seen in the place he owns, broadcasts on TVs and many other places.


Vertical usually wears a black suit, black pants and a tie just for fancy looks.


Vertical has been known for being one of the best presidents of the UK. Some people would suggest that he is the best to ever exist. He helps out people with some problems they have had, listens to other opinions and always makes sure that everybody is living in a safe society. As he can watch for a lot of figures, he can't keep track of all. Figures such as the Stranger make things hard for him. Luckily he has acquired some assistance from Vertical Labs which helps him create the robots such as the PALS, Mannequins and other strange mechanical beings to keep any trouble makers from causing havoc across the city. Things seem very peaceful because of him, which is a good thing. He has gained the trust of everybody and is glad to see that everybody is wearing a smile on their face.


Vertical, as explained, is a very nice character in the universe which marks him as peaceful. is schedule is a bit busy. He mostly sits in his office, directing people and doing other job-like tasks. He does sometimes come out into the open to have a little exploration. Some people do get a bit excited though which makes him not come out as much as he used to. But he is also happy at the job so it doesn't really matter that much.

In-Game Role

He doesn't have any in-game roles yet. He might have a role in Vertical News but hasn't been fully confirmed. There are other guesses that he may appear in Prodigy Darkness but still no confirmation about his face ending up in such a game.

Did You Know?

  • Samuel H. Vertical was inspired by Uncle Jack, a character who appears as a comedian and other titles in the game We Happy Few.
  • He originally was going to be in a forgotten project which has no name or any content.
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