Oradox seems to be a feminine shaped robot that seems to have a snake like body that starts from her hips. She also wields her trusty spear in hand full of electricity just in case anybody breaks into any places.


She, as mention, has a snake like body that starts goes from her hip and down, meaning she slithers across the hallways to roam around. She also has a double ended spear which, also as mentioned, is full of electricity that shocks any intruders. Her arms are normal but her hands have 3 fingers. Lastly, her head has a strange V shape that look a bit like horns and only has a mouth. She can see though as she has echo location. Her color scheme seems to only consist of orange, gold, black and white colors.


Oradox has a very strange backstory that most robots don't share. Rosie and others can relate.

Birth of Oradox

Oradox had used to be a human who worked with Vertical once. She had been known for being very good at studying biology and zoology which some scientists don't focus on. She was studying snakes currently and had noticed something. Snakes are usually fast and stealthy due to their structure. She used the information she had gathered and started working on a robot known as Oradox. As she finished the model and the scripting for the AI, her fate would soon meet her. She had tested Oradox's skills and had seen what would happen if Oradox would be touched by electricity. The electric energy would be soaked into the robot which would stay in there. The scientist noticed this and tried to race to her creation to get the extra energy out (which could lead to catastrophic failures) and right as her hand had touched the surface, they both were electrocuted, Oradox being almost fine and the scientist being burnt.


Oradox seems to be a neutral character. She does care for others but only her friends. If she comes across anybody that she doesn't know and they try to talk, she will act a bit sassy. Thank god she has a brain as she knows not to sass talk the Vertical Union or any high leveled members.

In-Game Role

She does not have a role yet but is planned to be a character encountered in Vertical News, being a protagonist or an antagonist.

Extra Notes

Oradox was a contest character who made it in. The twitter user who made it is Bacun-puncayks (@puncayks)

The name Oradox was a misspelling of the word Paradox that sounded very neat.

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