PALS, or security buddies, are a type of robot that watches the depths of Vertical Inc and alarms people if there is any danger. They are very menacing since they can also kill any intruders if allowed. Try not to get caught by these tricky foes.


PALS seem to be TVs that hang on to walls with a few joint bars and has a laser attached to the bottom of them. They also wear a smile that can give some people the chills sometimes.


They are neutral towards people if they are allowed to be down there. If they aren't allowed to be down there then they will act aggressive, going through 4 phases of warnings. If you do not get out by the time they are done then they will cause a ruckus.

In-Game Role

They usually just alert or kill any intruders if they catch them sneaking in. There is nothing else that is known about what they do.

Extra Notes

They were originally created in 3999 when there had been a lot f people trying to get into the building without permission. This had caused the current owner of that time to create the PALS. It seemed like that definitely gave people the message.

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