PixL seems to be a robot that is completely made from cube shapes. He does not carry any weapons but is a

danger since he can aware anybody of any trespassers. He seems to also have a smart intelligence as he can grab any nearby weapons if there is nobody to alert to.


PixL seems to form out of cubes. He has a skeletal appearance with a cone shaped head with one eye and a wide smile. He also has a double neck to move his head more freely.


He seems to have a neutral behavior as long as you don't go in any places that will alert any people. He can wield any objects that can be used as a weapon if nobody can help him fight.

In-Game Role

PixL doesn't have a role yet in a game but he is planned to be an annoyance in Vertical News.

Extra Notes

PixL was named after the website Pixlr which the developer of the game uses to edit images.

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