Prodigies are a species that were created when a bomb dropped in 2908. When the bombs hit, a virus was released. Most people had gotten into the vaults made for this problem but others had not. The others survived but were infected by the virus and created the creatures known as the Prodigies.

What Are Prodigies?

Prodigies are creatures that are formed from people when the virus hits the end point. Now see, what happens is that when it starts, it acts like a common cold. It then starts getting worse as time goes on, making the victim go through torturous things such as vomiting, dysentery and other traumas. The victims are then at the final stage of going through the sickness which is when they start melting. They don't feel pain when they melt though. They are then a pool of meat goo. The goo then reforms into the meat creatures know as the Prodigies. It does take a few minutes to get used to the new body since there are new joints and different kinds of fingers and toes. There are also the tails, 2 pairs of eyes and horns on their heads.

What Happens if You Become One?

Scientist think that your memory becomes a blur, meaning that things from the past are now gone and your humanity is gone but no...that is not the case. They do lose their memory and a bit of their humanity but not all of their humanity. There are things that are way bigger about them. They are more emotional and care about each other and family since they can reproduce and also are better hunters as long as they are in packs. They might also overcome the human race....just kidding. That won't happen...hopefully.


They act similar to humans. They have emotions, care for each other and fear their worst enemy. Humans. The reason they are mostly hostile towards humans is because people fear them which made other people fear them and fight the Prodigies. If you care about them and understand what they are going through, they might be peaceful towards you...but that will take a lot of work to have such a thing happen.

Other Notes

There has been talk that they have been evolving and becoming more good at hunting since they have other classes of them likes brutes, hives and others.

The Name Prodigy comes from the latin word Prodigium which means monster.

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