Prodigy Darkness will be a game that will be planned to be released after part one of Vertical News. See more about this below.

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The Plot so Far Edit

Apparently, there was an ongoing show called the 'Prodigy Puppet show'. It was then stopped after Prodigy Puppet had grown tired of it. Years after the closing, you wake up in a darkened area.You don't remember anything and is having a hard time thinking properly. As you try to seek for help, things take dark turns with unwanted secrets ahead.

What Will be Featured? Edit

Nothing has been revealed yet except for the creepy enemies of the unknown. They seem like characters from the show. There are plans for characters of the show to either be at least a bit nice or torn up and withered. Some puzzle elements may also be involved in this project.

What is the First Part? Edit

Again, Nothing. But it is planned that you will be playing female as Vertical News, you are male. Maybe a connection will happen in both games? who knows.

Revealed Characters Edit

  • Prodigy Puppet
  • Bowler Hat Shadow
  • Shadow with Knives

Anything Else? Edit

Nothing else is here. This page will be updated though as soon as there is a lot of more info to be revealed for this game. Now have a good day!

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