Prodigy Puppet. A cute character who is friends with the great Mr. Vertical. He loves to hang out with many of his friends and tries to enjoy life to the fullest.


Prodigy Puppet seems to have a TV head that has prodigy horns. It also can change from real prodigy faces to prodigy emojis. It also seems to have a plate on him which wraps around his top which might be the cause of why he acts normal. He then has the bowtie and gloves.


Prodigy Puppet is a big face around the streets of the UK. He used to be in his own TV show but was abandoned due to unknown reasons.

The Old Life

Prodigy Puppet was born a prodigy. He lived with his prodigy parents who had kept him out of trouble. One day, his parents went missing which had Prodigy Puppet look for them. He then found his way into the city and had been taken away due to the prodigy behaviors.

He was then used for an experiment which lead to the TV head replacing his organic, natural face. The TV head then had made Prodigy Puppet act like a normal being (but with more emotion due to prodigy properties).

He then found his way to Mr. Vertical which then became a friend with the prodigy.

Closing the Curtains on Creation

Prodigy Puppet had created a show called the prodigy puppet show starring himself and other characters. The show was then closed due to an unknown reason that people had forgotten which was stated in the Vertical Archives as being called "A Bad 'Accident'". There is no information about this accident except for the fact that it let loose on Prodigy Puppet's show.

Prodigy Puppet lost his job along with the amounts of money he was earning. But Mr. Vertical took him in.


Just like his friends, Prodigy Puppet has himself as a peaceful character. But sometimes, he can get a little bit...wild.

Vertical Inc Maps

Peaceful as can be. Is usually in his own house constructed by Mr. Vertical . Sometimes hangs out by the ocean probably caused by something that happened in his previous life.

Prodigy Darkness

Hostile, supposedly game's main antagonist due to something that has corrupted his mind and transformed him into an unstable form.

In-Game Role

He also will be focused on in Prodigy Darkness. He will be the antagonist of the game since he is forced to hunt you down due to a corruption in his mind, turning him into an unstoppable beast.

Did You Know?

  • Prodigy Puppet was a character created by ToyPuppetMaster360, a friend of the creator.
  • Rumors have been heard. No, Prodigy Puppet is not a human turned into a prodigy. He was a born prodigy. You can silence now.
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