Rosie is a robot that has been guarding Vertical Inc for a while. She appears to be a very tall robot that is sure to last a while, even if she is damaged.


She appears to have a female body which has red striped and black areas on her. In the center of her chest lies a red core which keeps her powered. Her head has a strange appearance. It is rounded with wide and red eyes and has a bowtie on top. Her legs also seem wider than her arms.


She is very passive in Vertical Inc. She doesn't mind if anybody is with her as long as they are allowed. She also has befriended people and other robots / cyborgs.

In-Game Role

Rosie hasn't been planned to be in any game yet so she doesn't have an official role. Some think she will be in Vertical News though.

Extra Notes

She maybe strong and tall but nobody can out titan Douglby.

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