The Sorum, a very strange Prodigy, is a feminine styled creature that appears to be the mix of a human's and a prodigy's body which will be explained later. They mainly hunt down their prey and fuse together with them to then create an orb that is then put inside of a sticky, red slime that forms the body.


The Sorum seems to have a women shape to them and has long, overgrown, and red hair that droops off of their heads. They also seem to have larger legs and 3 main fingers instead of 2.


They are very aggressive but not in the mad kind of way. They usually try to attack humans by luring them into their trap by using their female voice that was developed by some traits from the unknown. They then attempt to cover the human with their slimy body. If successful, they can create a Sorum.

In-Game Role

They do not have a big role just yet. But they will be used in Vertical News.

Why are They Female?

A scientist had apparently created this kind of prodigy on their own by making a slime that will assimilate the human that gets unlucky. Apparently, a female had fallen victim first and had spread the traits to the slime, giving the Sorums the female body.

Do They Remember Anything?

According to the science behind of things, they do remember most of their memories but seem to be melted by the transformation due to unknown reasons.

Extra Notes

Sorum came from the latin word Sacrorum which means Assimilation.

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