Vertical Inc was the first place made in the Vertical Inc Universe. It has been updated throughout time and is planning on getting some more updates, some of them being minor and others being major.


About This Place Edit

This place is set in the head office of Vertical Inc. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on in there at the time. This place was originally created back in December 27, 2018, right before a different game which was stopped after the idea becoming bland. The only characters that were revealed at the beginning stages were Mr Vertical, Charlie, David and a mysterious robot that had a tube running into the ground. The plot of the game then changed up, removing all of the characters except for Mr Vertical. Some characters might be brought back though, if they are planned to fit in with the current game story.

The game was also going to be a myth game, which it might still be a myth game, but became more of a story game that would be told in later projects for the game.

Current Stage Edit

The game has been mostly built off of the beginning baseplate but improved with more depth, better qualities and more places to expand some of the lore. It will be updated though to be a bit more organized than the current stage.

Future Plans Edit

The place will be planned to be more organized as said before. It will also be bigger and have a bit more color to it than just having the grey scale color scheme with little colorful patterns. It will also be planned to have a huge lobby and multiple hallways that lead to different areas that could expand some lore of the game.

Extra Notes Edit


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