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What is Vertical Inc?

Vertical Inc is a game universe that takes place in the UK far out in the 41st Century. The game has the combination of a futuristic city style and the classic pretty stripes of roads full of neat houses, buildings and greenery. The world has suffered a lot but after recovering from the "World Ending Incident" ,which was when about every inch of Earth was bomb, people have created and shaped the world into a beautiful world (even though some parts of Earth have not been regained by humans. As you explore the streets and cities, you will encounter the beautiful sites, strange characters, and many other things that makes the UK...well...the UK.

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The Vertical Announcement

New Hit From Joy Bound

As Joy Bound created their new song "Other Side of the Sky", the fans have been going crazy and growing in size. Wilbur Edison, the leader of the 5 man band, has announced a new song which will arrive soon.

Wilbur Edison has announced the new song which will arrive before the usual 2 month mark. The song goes by the name "Just Like Summer" which has taken a lot of skill to pull of since the music is very complex. Wilbur says that it has a very eerie yet calming tune to it. The band members say that they had to play over 3 songs to give the song the atmosphere it has. It has been the toughest and most challenging but they have managed to pull it off, giving fans a month and a half until the song releases.
The hype has been built as fans are ready to hear the music already. Wilbur and his band best watch their backs as their fans might chase them to get the song early.

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