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Vertical Inc. is a game that takes place in the UK while being in the 41st century. This wiki is here to inform you about the characters, cities, artifacts, ect. The game was mostly inspired by We Happy Few and Bioshock. The Game is also like a city life game mixed with scifi and horror for some parts. Now come and join in on the fun. We got a lot planned for you and the rest of the guests.

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Featured Articles that are showcased every now and then.

Vertical Union

"Vertical Union is the group the protect the cities of the UK. The members consist of Douglby, Yewin, Martin and AntiCogny. When someone harms other, they won't show mercy towards your dastardly face. Best be careful while traveling across the amazing and wonderful districts."

Vertical Union

Vertical Inc

"Vertical Inc was the first place made in the Vertical Inc Universe. It has been updated throughout time and is planning on getting some more updates, some of them being minor and others being major."

Vertical Inc.

The UK Rustle

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Other Side of the Sky

United Kingdom Rock Star, Wilbur Edison, and his band "Joy Bound" releases new song which blows up in popularity while gathering new fans.

The song in particular is "Other Side of the Sky" which is about achieving the impossible. The song has been able to get over five million people to listen to it within the span of a week. This has been the most popular song from Joy Bound yet.

Local Resident Wins Contest

Local Resident, Mrs. Amy Carboille, has won the Vertical Building Contest. The Contest was about creating a building design for the new Vertical Advanced Architects.

"I needed to come up with a stable yet futuristic design that had to fit with the name of Vertical Advanced Architects", she says," It took me a while after 3D printing a miniature version repeatedly until finishing the right design".

Myth Bust

The myth of the falling angel has been busted. The falling angel is a prodigy that was able to fly for a few seconds after falling and unleashing a AMP shield. The creature has been contained and labeled as a special class prodigy. Citizens do not need to worry about anymore creatures escaping now.

Vertical Wants You to Know

"I want you to know some of the plans for the future. This wiki will experience some changes throughout time since this is not the final product of what we want users to see. Many changes will be added slowly. The games will also be changed. Vertical Inc will soon be more of an actually organized place than what the original will be. Vertical News will be coming soon, revealing some of the backstory and other unnamed games for this universe will be changing too. Hope you are prepared for what is to come. Now have a good morrow and see you in the next one".

-Mr Vertical

Needy for Content

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The cities of the UK await your presence. Be sure to stop by anytime.

Fun Fact

Apparently, there used to be a person who was called the Prodigy Whisperer. He could communicate with them without any problems. He did have to leave though due to the fact that Prodigies were not allowed to be out in the open and were being held within Vertical Proditorium, a place the mainly does research on the Prodigies.

Vertical Myth

Back in 3990's, there was a serial killer who was known as the Razor. He was like a Jack the Ripper figure since nobody found out who he was. He became famous when he had murdered the Overseer, or Dolan Cassidy, who was to make sure that everybody was staying in check with the schedules and did what they did. The Razor continued to murder some famous workers. Also did you know that his victims are shot to death but when they are, there aren't any bullet holes. Only the bloody bullets on the ground. Scary, Huh?

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