Vertical News is an upcoming game, planning to have it's first chapter released in 2020. See below for more information.

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The Plot so Far Edit

Apparently, the game's story will have a plucky protagonist that has signed up for a heist. The heist has taken action at Vertical News which seems easy at first. The goal? Capture a Special Class Prodigy to study it. As you go deeper, the more odd things get. Whispers and shadows start forming. Then you find your way falling into the beginning of hell. Surviving against monsters, solving tricky puzzles and capturing the prodigy is all that you need to worry about. That is why you are there, right?

What Will be Featured? Edit

Many things will be brought into the world of the game. Lets start with the easiest to understand. Puzzles with some difficulty topped onto it. Many puzzles will be in the game. Some can kill you, others can do worse things, even more can do who knows what.

Enemies and antagonists will be brought in as well. From shivering critters such as mannequins to quartets with the stylish grey scale color scheme, they will all bound to give you a difficult time.

Parkour? Maybe. There will be some jumps from here to there but who knows?

Fighting. Grab your weapons as you fight off the killable enemies of the game. Be careful on who you pick with though. They might not be who they appear as.

Boss fights? Absolutely. There might be a mix of Undertale and Just Shapes and Beats to it so it might be a bit challenging to face off the many bosses.

That is all the features for now. Be wary that there will be more though.

What is the First Part? Edit

Part One: The Sting will be a basic introduction at the beginning. But once you are into it, there is no going back. You meet the News Man, the main antagonist of Vertical News, who is planning on capturing you for trespassing and using you for experiments such as turning you into a prodigy. A mysterious figure, Maverick, might be able to help you get out of this situation though. Be careful though, don't want this to turn into BioShock.

Revealed Characters Edit

  • Vertical Union
  • Oradox
  • Slime Girl
  • PixL
  • The Stranger
  • Maverick
  • News Man
  • PALS
  • Prodigies

Anything Else? Edit

Nothing else has been revealed at the moment except for some teasers. Anyways, hope you are prepared for the twisted world of Vertical Inc. Now have a good day!

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