Wilbur Edison is an american rockstar who went to the UK to try something different. As he explored, he found three guys who then become his friends. They then went on to become a music band known as Joy Bound which had the style of 1960s - 1980s music. They have seem to make an enemy known as Starlight who makes electromusic. The reasoning is because Wilbur Edison took the spot as the king of music and she doesn't like anybody to be on top of her.


Wilbur Edison appears to wear a blue shirt with white swirls, a red jacket with golden buttons, black pants and some glasses that have swirls on them. He then has a very high tech guitar that can play any guitar that he chooses. He also has a goatee.


Wilbur Edison has had a very long trip to earn his way to the fame he currently stands in. Many decisions and paths led to his current personality which has effected most of how he behaves.

Starting the Trip to Fame

Wilbur used to live in the United East of America. He didn't have a job and most of the jobs he had seen were either hard or full. So he had left to the United Kingdom to see what awaited there. He also didn't find any jobs there. And as he thought of leaving, he stopped. He really liked music and had started to come up with song ideas. This had led to his beginning path as a song writer. As he searched for other people to join him, he had found four other people. Daniel Wall, Rodger Curtson, Maxwell Dougton Jr. and Ollie Havet. They all started working on songs together. They soon named their band Joy Bound after creating the songs.

The New Big Hit

As the band, Joy Bound, had released more and more songs, they had gotten more and more fans (along with big amounts of money). They had almost gotten to #1 of the music writer list until they had met Starfire. She was apparently a robot rabbit thing who had been making electromusic for her career. She had been able to stay in her place as top song maker until the band had created the song "Wonder to Smile" which had put them in first place. They had continued working on songs, ignoring all the angry song writers (which had eventually given up on annoying them), and had been keeping their place.

The Album Continues

As they have continued their tracks and albums, things have been getting dicy with Wilbur and the crew. They have been slowing down on song ideas but are still producing them slowly. Each song took about 1 month but some other songs are started to take almost 2 months. Wilbur needed to come up with other song ideas fast but just couldn't think of any. He then started pacing on the streets to give him time to think. Later, he announced that his band would be taking a break for a short while to give them time to think about the songs they should make. A while later, Wilbur suddenly had an idea of a song called "The Other Side of the Sky" which had been worth the wait of a few months. This song had inspired other songs they had planned on making were back on the beat. Wilbur and Joy Bound would continue to make songs forever.


Wilbur is a peaceful character in the UK. He doesn't like any sort of violence. He does get a little crazy if he is bothered by the people he hates. He can also be a pain depending on how someone acts.

In-Game Role

Wilbur Edison has the role of the main singer / player in the band. His music can be heard throughout the UK. Nothing else is known about him.

Extra Notes

The band Joy Bound was inspired by the Beetles, the Beach Boys and a band called the Make Believes from a game known as We Happy Few.

Wilbur was inspired by the rockstar, Nick Lightbearer, from the game We Happy Few.

Wilbur Edison can get stressed, causing him to be down. He takes special pills designed for these kinds of occasions.

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