Yewin, or the Hitman, is an assassin from the Vertical Union trained to take care of any huge threats found

in the districts of the UK. Whenever he does proceed to take out the enemies, he does with his trusty sword.


Yewin does not wear a trench coat like some of his buddies but wears a fancy little suit, a hidden bowtie, scarf, grey pants, and the key accessories to his outfit, Stove Top hat and sword.


Yewin was a rich millionaire in the UK. He owned one of the most fanciest houses on the streets. He was a greedy guy who kept the money to himself unless if it was with his brother or father. His father was known to be a very popular face at Vertical Inc. He was the overseer until he had retired. His brother, Martin , was a fellow millionaire. He wasn't greedy though. Yewin and Martin had worked together to last in the world. One day, their father had been robbed of which had caused a reaction to the two boys. They needed to bring him justice. Nobody robs an elder on their watch. So when they looked for a job to be a protector, they had seen a paper for a group of 4. They would be teamed with 2 other people. They volunteered and got hired. They had used their swords also because they were gifts from their father. So they worked together with the other two who were Douglby and AntiCogny to protect the city together.


The Hitman is a more aggressive character but holds his limits from making him go loose so he barely is a neutral character.

In-Game Role

Yewin will be an annoyance in Vertical News along with the rest of the Vertical Union. He hasn't been confirmed for anything else.

Did You Know?

  • Yewin was inspired by Ozark from Radville.
  • He was going to be the short one but then was decided to become a tall and spindly assassin.
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